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Our Plan

Party Like an Adult is about how to
build WEALTH through managing your career and your finances,
creating LONGEVITY through creating mental and physical wellness, and
experiencing the world through TRAVEL & DRINKS.

Jessica Perkowitz

Region Alexandria
Vintage Early 80’s
Tasting notes Jess has a long background in learning how to party like an adult from many years of partying like a teenager and then a college student. Lot’s of lessons learned there. She has worked in online media for over 10 years, ran a half marathon, rode a bike in the mountains in china, reads approximately 30-50 books per year, made two children, married since 2010, owns real estate, and buried a father. All of those things grew her in ways she could never imagine.
Pairs well with Books, sarcasm and water.
Motto in life Surround yourself with people you love and empower you, and let the rest go.
Kind of wine Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Second edition. I am assuming the first wasn’t that great but from then on they got it right! I am big, fruity and sometimes a bit jammy.


Melissa Zeligman

Region Alexandria, VA
Vintage 60s
Tasting notes Melissa has been hosting and throwing parties since her early days on the playground with mud-pies, lemonade stands and neighborhood kids. She has worked in the food & beverage world off and on for 25+ years. Along the way she worked in non-profit serving at-risk youth programs in the US & UK. Lately, she has found her home as a writer & creative. Any time spent in the kitchen now is cooking for the people she loves and the occasional marathon chocolate making mission. She has moved 29 times, owned 11 beds [they’re a pain to move] and believes she is the love child of Tom Robbins & Julia Child.
Pairs well with Things we’re passionate about and/or something playful.
Motto in life Surround yourself with people you love and empower you, and let the rest go.
Kind of wine Ripasso aka ‘Baby Amarrone’. Dark, flavorful and complex. Don’t underestimate a Ripasso or me.
Position Party Producer



Region Alexandria
Vintage Early 70’s
Kind of beer IPA, the more hops the better.