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To break my 42 hour fast I am doing a mimosa vs manmosa side by side tasting. I recently discovered Manmosas and I may never go back. Recipes for each are below. I personally prefer the Manmosa’s.

Mimosa –

  • Dry white sparkling wine – Proseco, Champagne, or Cava are all good choices. I personally would purchase lower priced versions since the flavor of the wine will be overpowered by the juice.
  • Orange Juice – Any orange juice without added sugar works for me. It basically makes this a health beverage. If you like pulp, you can do it, I like it to feel less chunky so I pick pulp free juice. I also like to rotate in some grapefruit juice, too. It adds some variety.

It’s best if the glass is chilled but if not just pour approximately 1 x 1 ratios of wine to OJ.

Manmosa –

There are alot of different variations of this drink. The main three ingredients are bubbles, OJ and Vodka. In this case the bubbles can be a beer vs a dry sparkling wine.

  • Bubbles – Dry Sparkling wine (see above) or Beer – You could really use any kind of ale depending on your own flavor profiles but a wheat beer seems to be the most common like a blue moon.
  • Orange Juice
  • Vodka – Titos, Kettle One, Absolute, really any vodka would work but those I feel leave the best flavor with the orange juice.

For this recipe take about 4 ozs of bubbles, 4 ozs orange juice, and one ounce of vodka. I pour it all into a glass with ice and stir, apparently with my finger. But if you want to shake it to make it chilled, mix the OJ and vodka together with ice and then pour that over the glass of ice and add the beer.

These are all best enjoyed with others for breakfast. In my case actually breaking my fast. Be careful with the Manmosa’s they really pack a punch! So drink some water and have some pastries.

Winner of the side by side – MANMOSA